Connect With Preach Freedom: A Spiritual Experience Atop Mountain Sky

by Giovanna Arcadu

As hundreds of funky blues and reggae fans made their journey to Mountain Sky, a group-run arts and music venue resting on 117 acres of land located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the spiritual voice of Preach Freedom echoed throughout the scenic landscape during Clarence Spady’s Second Annual Blues Festival which took place August 8th

Preach is not only the founding member of the band One World Tribe, but is also a well-known percussionist in the national band Rusted Root. The release of albums such as Preach Freedom and Connect and Freedom Must Be, along with appearing onstage next to many other national sensations including the Goo Goo Dolls and the Allman Brothers Band, Preach has furthered his fame in the reggae/blues rock circuit. This talented artist is a poetic genius as well as a stylistic composer of the music world, spreading his message of peace, love, enlightenment, and connectivity. “It feels as though his voice and lyrics shake me alive, and I transcend into a higher realm,” a young festival goer expressed to me as she swayed within the vibration of the band’s deep, soulful harmony.

“This world needs love, not hate,” were Preach’s words prior to blanketing the crowd with his unprecedented voice and uplifting style. Along with Connect, he managed to envelop his many fans and newcomers into a higher dimension as the percussion shrouded into every breath taken by a large crowd of ardent, mixed-genre enthusiasts. The band’s presence exuded intense energy accompanied by a polyrhythmic beat which swept listeners into a magnificent adventure of sound.

Preach Freedom and Connect became a powerhouse of inspiration felt by all who were in attendance at the Blues Music Festival. His presence lit up the stage and acreage surrounding him as he not only became the music, but the gateway into a transcendental, spiritual experience.

This mixed genre star is not merely an accomplished composer and songwriter; he is a divine storyteller and healer of his generation. NEPA looks forward to experiencing more of this type of vibrant, incredible talent.

Preach Freedom & Connect: Bringing Some Love to Pennsylvania and New York in March

March 14, 2014 By Lewis J. Tezak Jr.

Shrouded by his percussion work with Rusted Root, Preach Freedom has stepped out to unveil his own creation, Preach Freedom & Connect. With the release of his self titled album Preach Freedom and Connect, this singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist will be hitting the road for several shows in Pennsylvania and New York in mid-March. The band is an homage to all his influences, brazenly mixed to his stylistic words regarding youth, culture, and society. Freedom has been a fixture in the WNY music scene for over 25 years with the band One World Tribe. He has also performed with various national acts including the Goo Goo Dolls, Lil’Bow Wow, Fishbone, and even the Allman Brothers Band. Within the last two years he has made several guest appearances on albums including Harlem with jazz legend Alex Bugnon and Suga Top with world renown drummer Poogie Bell. His solo project blends an assortment of musical styles (reggae, African pop, rock, gospel, funk, soul and hip hop) to life-affirming songs that aim to lift and inspire. Inspirational music that is not only powerful but truly compelling. Combine this with his potent lyrics and you have an incredible band that delivers a spectacular show.

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